Sunday, May 15, 2011

SC fanfic part 12 :D

Nuu~ Tis finished. Sit back, relax, and hope you don’t die from my horrible writing skills. XD

           Erza nearly jumped through the ceiling as her phone went off. At first she thought the annoying beeping coming from her phone was her alarm clock, and she sprang from her bed, her bed head frizzing everywhere and screamed, “I’M UP!” She stood in the middle of her room for a moment, in a mess of tangled blankets, and she realized her phone was vibrating on her bedside table. Shucking of her toga of sheets, she grabbed her phone to check the caller ID. “I swear if it’s a salesman I’m going to roast him alive for waking me up at 1:30” She mumbled grumpily to herself as she blinked the mist of sleep from her eyes to clear them. Erza’s eyes widened as she saw Holo’s number on the screen of her phone. “This cannot be good.” She thought to herself. Somewhere in the back of her head, her very annoying sixth sense was screaming, “DANGER, DANGER, ALERT, ALERT!” Shaking her head to rid it of the ominous thoughts, she flipped open her phone, hoping Holo would have a VERY good excuse for making her drag herself out of bed at an unthinkable hour of the morning. There was scilence for a moment, than Holo exploded.         “OMGERZAWHATTOOKYOUSOLONGTOANSWERYOURPHONEISAWSHANAONTHETOPOFTHECRISTMASCOMPANYANDITHINKSOMETHINGSWRONGAND--”
“HOLO WOULD YOU SLOW DOWN!?” Erza screamed at her phone, “I CAN’T UNDERSTAND A SINGLE WORD YOUR SAYING, I DON’T SPEEK GIBBERISH, COMPREHENDE?” There was a pause, than Holo seemed to calm down. “Ehem, sorry about that.” She mumbled. Than it was Erza’s turn to be explosive. “WHY, in the name of the golden god Derek Landy himself, did you wake me up, AT 1:30 IN THE MORNING?” On the other end, Holo sighed. “Sorry Erza. I just saw Shana on the top of the Christmas Company building, and I think something might be wrong, If it’s convenient, I need you to come quickly.” There was a pause, than Holo spoke up again. “Actually, scratch that, I need you to come quickly even if it’s inconvenient. See ya there, FREDDY!” There was a wicked cackling from Holo’s end of the conversation, than a long beep signifying the she had hung up. Erza’s hands shook with rage as she shrieked at her phone. “MY NAME IS NOT FREDDY, DARN IT ALL!” She held her phone in a grip that would have crushed a normal person’s hand, than let her muscles relax. She really didn’t feel like getting up to save people right now, but if it was her best friend, she would wake herself up at anytime of day to help. She walked across the room to rummage through her drawers. Pulling out a pair of deep green sweat pants, she quickly through them on, despite the fact that they clashed with her reddish-pink Pj top, making her look like a mutated walking watermelon. She grabbed her favorite white hoodie, and was in the process of putting it on as she opened the door, right into the face of one of her extremely annoying family members. Her tiny blonde cousin, second, twice removed, or whatever, sat on the carpeted hallway floor rubbing her forehead vigorously. “Lucy, what are you doing here?” Erza asked with a tone of restrained anger. “I came to see what all the noise was about.” Lucy replied staring up at Erza with her round, blue eyes. The fact was, Erza’s entire family, distant and close, was crammed into one entire house. She didn’t have any siblings to speak of, but the evil munchkin part of her family, namely her little cousins, where more than enough. Her parents had been thrilled at the thought of living with the entire family, but Erza, as she usually was with most things, was not very amused. “It’ll be like living in a wizards guild from the medieval times!” Her father had said, but she still hadn’t gotten used to the entire idea. Staring down at her annoying little cousin, she replied bluntly, “I’m going somewhere.” Lucy blinked. “Can I come?” Erza gave her a cold stare. “No, this is for big girls only.”
She began walking away when Lucy grabbed her leg, and clung like a leach. ‘Where are you going?” Erza threw her hands up in exasperation. “Over the rainbow. Where do think I’m going!?” Lucy stared up at Erza and blinked again. “I dunno, that’s why I was asking you.” Erza loomed over Lucy, and said in a hard voice, “I’m going out for a little night air stroll because it was stuffy in my room, and I want to get some fresh air. I DO NOT need any extra baggage on my trip, nor any little annoying cousins. NOW, YOU ARE TO COVER FOR ME UNTIL I GET BACK, DO I MAKE MYSELF PERFECTLY CLEAR?” Lucy let go of Erza’s leg and scooted back a few paces. “Uh, yes ma’am!” Lucy said, throwing a hasty solute, than dashing off to her room. Erza sighed, Lucy could be annoying, but secretly, she was pretty fond of the little witch. Realizing she had wasted enough time warding off her family member, she shot out of the house, not bothering to tame the red blob of hair bed head had left her with, and into the streets. The street lights cast warped shadows as she dashed around block after block, speeding towards Tokyo. 
    Being the fastest runner out of the entire group, Erza was there in no time. Scrambling down the last side walk, she turned to see Holo splayed out on the steps of the Christmas Company, waiting for her. Waving her hands rapidly she shouted out to her friend. “Hey Holo!” Holo turned and nearly rolled of the steps as she screamed. “YAAGH! IT’S MEDUSA!” Erza shook her head as she walked forward, running her hands through her hair in a futile attempt to make it neater. “Honestly Holo, you know it’s me, and don’t shout like that, do you want to wake the whole of Tokyo and have an angry mob of people with pitchforks come after us because we gave them an unneeded wake up call?” Holo sat up and bent backwards, cracking her back. “Ah, thats better. Honestly Erza, you should’ve combed your hair before you came here.” Erza stuck her tongue out at Holo. “This is coming from the person who told me to come quickly at any cost. Unfortunately, that cost was my hair. AND if you must know, I was attacked by one of my demonic munchkin cousins again.” Rolling her eyes, Holo looked up at the looming building of solid rock, that dwarfed the two in it’s shadow. “Well.” Holo said turing to Erza, “Are you ready to kick Christmas Company butt?” Erza grinned wickedly as she pulled and enormous war ax from thin air. “You bet.”


AND, curtain! What shall happen to Shana? The answer is... THE ANSWER IS! (Coming up after the commercial break)