Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shugo Chara Fan fic. Part 9

YAY! I get to do the fighting scene! I love violence...

      All at once the battle exploded around Erza. She whirled her sword and laughed, she was BORN for this! Not about to miss out on the fun, Erza screamed and charged straight at the man who had called her cute. Snarling, she brought the sword down on to his head. He swiftly dodged and sprang out into the sunlight. Now that she could get a good look at him, she took in the scene, implanting the image of her enemy in her brain. He was a red head, and was quite tall. He seemed about Ikuto’s age. Strangely enough, he had a fox’s ear’s and tail that stuck out of his black pants just below his baggy brown hoodie. He turned and grinned at her, his eye’s where a deep jade color, and his teeth almost seemed pointed.
      “Watch where your pointing that thing.” he said, grinning even wider, “You could hurt someone.” Erza surprisingly returned the smile. “But maiming annoying little fox boy’s is so much fun!” Than her smiled dropped, and she rushed towards him screeching, swinging her sword like a windmill. Just barley managing to dodge, the fox boy turned and threw a knife with expert skill. Erza’s armor saved her, and the knife clanked off it, bouncing away harmlessly. Standing upright angrily,  Erza yelled at her enemy through gritted teeth. “So you like to play with knives do you, little fox boy?” The fox boy turned and grinned, licking his knife blade.
      “I wouldn’t talk if I where you.” he said impudently, “You’re pretty small yourself.” Erza fumed and did a little dance of rage. “Well there’s nothing small about my muscles or my blade!” she said, and hurled the sword with all of her might. This time the boy wasn’t fast enough, and he cried out as the sword pierced his shoulder, and pinned him to the tree directly behind his back. He grunted with effort as he pulled the blade out and threw it, then the sword evaporated as if it had all been an illusion.
       “That was going too far!” he said in a low, angry, voice as he tried to stanch the blood flowing from his shoulder. “I’ll teach you that cute little girl’s shouldn’t go sticking their noses where they aren’t wanted.” There it was again, that word, cute. Something snapped inside Erza, and she began giving full vent to her spleen. “WHY YOU IMPUDENT LITTLE FOX!” She shrieked angrily, her voice rising an octave with every word. “I’LL CHOP OFF YOUR TAIL AND USE IT TO DECORATE MY ROOM! I’LL KILL YOU AND FEAST ON YOU’RE ROTTING FLESH! I’LL, I’LL!” The fox boy put a finger in his ear and moved it around as if something was stuck in it.

     “Yeesh, your loud!” He complained, “Could you spare my poor ears your rambling?” Erza shut her mouth with all the will power she had, than took several deep breaths to calm herself. “I have to stay calm in order to fight correctly.” She told her self, “If only I had something I could stab him with from a distance...” Immediately, Erza’s right hand began glowing, and a large war pike appeared in it. She grinned and twirled it above her head, than brought it down on the ground with a bang. Looking up at the sky she murmured, “Thank you god, or goddess, or who ever you are.” Than she turned her attention back to her enemy. Twirling it once more, she pointed it straight at the fox boy and charged, preparing to shish kebob her attacker. Once more he dodged out of range, and the pike’s head buried itself into the tree. She yanked it out with force, and was about to turn and send her enemy flying, when Holo cried out. Whipping around Erza saw the strange girl in the cloak bearing down on her friend. Holo had a bloody gash on one of her arms, and was on the ground, completely exposed. Feeling rage boil up in her for the girl who had just hurt Holo, she charged at the girl, screaming at the top of her lungs. “GET AWAY FROM HER!” Holo had given just as good as she got, and the girl didn’t have the strength to dodge Erza’s smashing blow with the end of the massive pike. Slamming into another tree, the girl slumped, momentarily stunned.

     “You okay dog girl?” Erza said pulling Holo up.

     “It’s Holo, by the way.” Holo said giving Erza a playful shove.
     “Well it’s not now.” Erza said with a grin.
     “You used my own words against me!?” Holo said scrunching her face in to a comical frown.

     “Pretty much.” Erza said with a shrug.

      “I hate you.” Holo said with a pouting face.

      “I love you to.” Erza replied as she turned on her heel to help Shana with Mei.

      Shana was holding out well against Mei, who was grunting with the force of parrying  Shana’s blows. Not expecting the new opponent, Mei screeched as Erza bowled into her like lighting, knocking the breath out if her. “Hey!” Shana said, “I was just about to finish her off!” Erza rolled her eye’s. “Leave some fun for me will ya?” she said playfully. Most literally clawing her way over to her friends, Holo joined them in their assault. “Hey, hey! Don’t leave me out!” Standing back to back, the three formed a deadly triangle, slashing at any enemy within reach. Suddenly the fox boy sprang from the branches of a tree and practically landed on Erza, knife point downward.

“It’s rude to leave your enemy while in battle.” He said, his face an inch away from hers as she blocked his knife thrust with her pike. “What am I? Chopped liver?” Erza gave an evil smile and flung the fox boy backward with a shove from her implement of war. “You will be when I’m finished with you!” she screamed. Within the blink of an eye, the three girls had formed a line, and began barreling into their enemy like an angry steamroller.



Part 8: http://yourealllatefortea.blogspot.com/

(When it comes out) Part 10: http://mar-chusbloginblogland.blogspot.com/

Monday, April 25, 2011

Strange coversation.


Me: *walks to easter basket & takes out a chocolate bunny*
Me: *begins nibbling*
Mom: That poor bunny...
Me: Mom, it's an inanimate object, it can't feel pain.
Mom: Not true, I can hear it screaming.
Me: *savagely bites off bunny's head* Ha, there, I decapitated it. No little bunny shrieks of terror.
Mom: I can hear the coco beans screaming.
Me: Mother, the beans aren't alive and weren't in the first place. And if they even if they were alive, they would be dead now. They got ground into powder, and cooked, I think they would be fully deceased at this point.
Mom: They're still alive, I can hear them.
Me: I give up. *walks away still nibbling bunny*

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Heellooo and Happy Easter! Yup, that's me, minus the bunny ears. I'm holding my pokeball egg, and does anyone see the reference from the easter eggs in the basket. *Cough*my chara eggs*Cough* Then I borrowed Gilbird for the pic. (Sorry Prussia, I might not give him back.) I hope you all had an Easter just as good as mine, and that your basket was full to the brim with chocolates. >w<  

(I hereby dedicate this picture to my two best buds, Thalia and Mar. Have a great Easter you two!) 

Friday, April 22, 2011

SC Fanfiction Part 6

 Okay, so now you people leave me with an exploding window? What am I supposed to do? I could add on to exploding bunnies, been there, done that. But windows... This is going to be difficult...

    Erza shrieked as glass flew everywhere, bringing her arms to her face to shield it from the glittering fragments that where blown every which way. She bit her lip as she felt a few shards dig into her arm. Bringing her arms away from her face, she saw, floating just above the window sill, a tiny chara dressed as a doll. She stared, open mouthed at the sight, until a groan pulled her back from la la land. "Ow, ow.." Shana said as she tried to stifle the blood that was flowing from a fresh cut just above her left eye. Holo pulled a tissue out of her pocket and handed it to Shana.

"Here, try this."

"Have you already blown your nose on it?"

"Shana, just take the tissue."

     But Erza wasn't listing to the conversation, she felt a burning rage build up inside of her.  "Who do you think you are!?" Erza yelled at the chara, waving a half eaten piece of bread at it to emphasize her point, "Do you think you can just blow up windows, and hurt my friends!?" The chara glared at her and answered coldly. "Who I am is of no concern to you, but you don't seem to have eggs with you as I sensed, so I bid you good day." The chara floated off huffily, and the enraged Erza threw a fork after it. "And don't come back!" She retorted rudely at it's slowly vanishing figure.

"Don't look now, but I think we've got company..." Holo said. Sure enough, the sound of footsteps clambering up the stairs towards the three announced the arrival of a large group of people. Tadase's head poked itself over the top of the stairs. "What's going on here?" He said commandingly as he reached them, the other guardians just a few paces behind them. "We, um... well." Shana stammered out. SAving Shana from having to explain, Holo spoke out. "I think you'll find this interesting, should we talk about it over tea?" Erza shook her head. "Charas that can make windows explode, this WILL be interesting..."
Yay for more horribly written stuff, I suck. XD

SC Fanfiction Part 3

Why Mar? WHY? You know I can't write! I can't write anything decent at all! This part is most likely going to be painfully short, and will stink to high heaven. If I kill anyone, I'm sorry, I'll make sure you have a nice funeral.

   The moment she heard the word flood, Erza panicked. She hated water, she absolutely totally and utterly LOATHED water. And right about now, she didn't have the courage to face water either. But Mekio wasn't here to help with that. All four of them, gone! Being the only one of her friends that seemed to have a normal amount of chara's, she thought maybe her chara's would stay. But they all dissappeared into thin air, like some vanishing act in a cheesy magic show. All four of then had been really close to her, so losing them was like a smack to the face.

   Her long reddish-brown hair streamed out behind her as he ran through the corridors of the school, dodging stinging rumors.

"Did you hear? she lost it again today."

"Wouldn't want to be friends with her."

"She's mental, she gets angry at everything."

   Truth was in part of that, Erza wasn't the best handler of a grudge. She hated it when she saw others being pushed around like she once was, but more than often her efforts to shew away the bullies ended in a conflict resembling mortal combat. But part of her brain didn't hear the gossipers, part of her brain wasn't there to give them a piece of her mind. Erza kept dashing about looking for her two best friends, Shana and Holo. Sloshing through the various puddles that specked the hallway, she called out for them.  "SHANA, HOLO! WHERE ARE YOU?"

"Erza! Is that you?" Sighing with relief, Erza speed down the hallway to a very soaked Holo. "You alright?" Shaking herself off, Holo reassured Erza. "I'm just wet, that's all, no damage done." But the two were about to get a lot more wet. As if prompted by Holo's words, what seemed like an entire tidal wave of water surged down the hallway towards them. Erza promptly screamed and clung to Holo for dear life. "YAAGGH!" She shrieked, "WATER! LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER!" Holo wriggled in Erza's rib crushing grip, gasping for air.

"Erza, please..." She choked out, "You're breaking me." It took a few seconds for Erza to calm down, but she eventually released Holo. Sucking in air like a vacuum cleaner, Holo feel to her knee's, bringing her up to her shoulders in water.  The two stood stunned for a moment, than Erza broke the silence.

"So..., What do we do now?


That was terrible. If you, by some slim chance, survived my horrible writing skills, than I give you a hearty congrats. You just won the game.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Blog Thing...

For those of you who don't know, I've been writing out a story for the Dumpling Army. Sometimes we just refer to it as the D.A. Just so we're clear on this, I'm NOT talking about Dumbledore's Army. I don't really want to post it on the current blog, just because the story would be mixed in with other random blog posts. So I'm making a different blog that's devoted entirely to the story of the D.A. See ya there! >w<
 LINK: ---> http://thetalesoftheda.blogspot.com/

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Standard Lunch & Recess

   I don't know why, but I really wanted to blog about today's lunch and recess. Just so we get this straight, this is a perfectly normal day for us. It stared off with Mar starving, and attempting to scavange food from Thalia and I. She got really happy when Thalia gave her chips, but I didn't have anything to offer, so she got depressed again. Then came the usual stampede of people trying to be the first in the lunch line. After all that was over I pulled out my dessert, some kind of chocolate covered cookie thing. Mar instantly started to beg, so I had to give her some. Then she did this strange arm squiggle thing, which I THINK was a happy dance... That's pretty much it for the lunch part of it. Then when we went out to recess, which lasts about five seconds, and began to add more on to our really random Skulduggery fanfic. (Which you still need to post Mar) Then near the end of our five second recess, some guy with a bloody nose had the bright idea to sneak up on Thalia and startle her. Well, it worked, a little to well. Mar told her to think of fluffy bunnies to make her feel better. Then Thalia started to hallucinate. She kept shreiking. "WHY ARE THE BUNNIES EXPLODING, WHY!? ANSWER MY QUESTION!!!!" I will say once again, all of this is perfectly normal. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to have more of those chocolate covered cookie things, they were good!