Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Standard Lunch & Recess

   I don't know why, but I really wanted to blog about today's lunch and recess. Just so we get this straight, this is a perfectly normal day for us. It stared off with Mar starving, and attempting to scavange food from Thalia and I. She got really happy when Thalia gave her chips, but I didn't have anything to offer, so she got depressed again. Then came the usual stampede of people trying to be the first in the lunch line. After all that was over I pulled out my dessert, some kind of chocolate covered cookie thing. Mar instantly started to beg, so I had to give her some. Then she did this strange arm squiggle thing, which I THINK was a happy dance... That's pretty much it for the lunch part of it. Then when we went out to recess, which lasts about five seconds, and began to add more on to our really random Skulduggery fanfic. (Which you still need to post Mar) Then near the end of our five second recess, some guy with a bloody nose had the bright idea to sneak up on Thalia and startle her. Well, it worked, a little to well. Mar told her to think of fluffy bunnies to make her feel better. Then Thalia started to hallucinate. She kept shreiking. "WHY ARE THE BUNNIES EXPLODING, WHY!? ANSWER MY QUESTION!!!!" I will say once again, all of this is perfectly normal. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to have more of those chocolate covered cookie things, they were good!

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