Friday, April 22, 2011

SC Fanfiction Part 6

 Okay, so now you people leave me with an exploding window? What am I supposed to do? I could add on to exploding bunnies, been there, done that. But windows... This is going to be difficult...

    Erza shrieked as glass flew everywhere, bringing her arms to her face to shield it from the glittering fragments that where blown every which way. She bit her lip as she felt a few shards dig into her arm. Bringing her arms away from her face, she saw, floating just above the window sill, a tiny chara dressed as a doll. She stared, open mouthed at the sight, until a groan pulled her back from la la land. "Ow, ow.." Shana said as she tried to stifle the blood that was flowing from a fresh cut just above her left eye. Holo pulled a tissue out of her pocket and handed it to Shana.

"Here, try this."

"Have you already blown your nose on it?"

"Shana, just take the tissue."

     But Erza wasn't listing to the conversation, she felt a burning rage build up inside of her.  "Who do you think you are!?" Erza yelled at the chara, waving a half eaten piece of bread at it to emphasize her point, "Do you think you can just blow up windows, and hurt my friends!?" The chara glared at her and answered coldly. "Who I am is of no concern to you, but you don't seem to have eggs with you as I sensed, so I bid you good day." The chara floated off huffily, and the enraged Erza threw a fork after it. "And don't come back!" She retorted rudely at it's slowly vanishing figure.

"Don't look now, but I think we've got company..." Holo said. Sure enough, the sound of footsteps clambering up the stairs towards the three announced the arrival of a large group of people. Tadase's head poked itself over the top of the stairs. "What's going on here?" He said commandingly as he reached them, the other guardians just a few paces behind them. "We, um... well." Shana stammered out. SAving Shana from having to explain, Holo spoke out. "I think you'll find this interesting, should we talk about it over tea?" Erza shook her head. "Charas that can make windows explode, this WILL be interesting..."
Yay for more horribly written stuff, I suck. XD



    I love it Mir. You continued my explosion perfectly! I salute you!

    *salutes Mir*

    (and yes, you've dealt with my exploding bunny problem) xD

  2. ah, so were joining the guardians for tea?