Friday, April 22, 2011

SC Fanfiction Part 3

Why Mar? WHY? You know I can't write! I can't write anything decent at all! This part is most likely going to be painfully short, and will stink to high heaven. If I kill anyone, I'm sorry, I'll make sure you have a nice funeral.

   The moment she heard the word flood, Erza panicked. She hated water, she absolutely totally and utterly LOATHED water. And right about now, she didn't have the courage to face water either. But Mekio wasn't here to help with that. All four of them, gone! Being the only one of her friends that seemed to have a normal amount of chara's, she thought maybe her chara's would stay. But they all dissappeared into thin air, like some vanishing act in a cheesy magic show. All four of then had been really close to her, so losing them was like a smack to the face.

   Her long reddish-brown hair streamed out behind her as he ran through the corridors of the school, dodging stinging rumors.

"Did you hear? she lost it again today."

"Wouldn't want to be friends with her."

"She's mental, she gets angry at everything."

   Truth was in part of that, Erza wasn't the best handler of a grudge. She hated it when she saw others being pushed around like she once was, but more than often her efforts to shew away the bullies ended in a conflict resembling mortal combat. But part of her brain didn't hear the gossipers, part of her brain wasn't there to give them a piece of her mind. Erza kept dashing about looking for her two best friends, Shana and Holo. Sloshing through the various puddles that specked the hallway, she called out for them.  "SHANA, HOLO! WHERE ARE YOU?"

"Erza! Is that you?" Sighing with relief, Erza speed down the hallway to a very soaked Holo. "You alright?" Shaking herself off, Holo reassured Erza. "I'm just wet, that's all, no damage done." But the two were about to get a lot more wet. As if prompted by Holo's words, what seemed like an entire tidal wave of water surged down the hallway towards them. Erza promptly screamed and clung to Holo for dear life. "YAAGGH!" She shrieked, "WATER! LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER!" Holo wriggled in Erza's rib crushing grip, gasping for air.

"Erza, please..." She choked out, "You're breaking me." It took a few seconds for Erza to calm down, but she eventually released Holo. Sucking in air like a vacuum cleaner, Holo feel to her knee's, bringing her up to her shoulders in water.  The two stood stunned for a moment, than Erza broke the silence.

"So..., What do we do now?


That was terrible. If you, by some slim chance, survived my horrible writing skills, than I give you a hearty congrats. You just won the game.


  1. Awesome Mir! It's lovely! Not bad at all. Good job!

    (her name is spelled Holo, just for future reference ^^)

  2. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! my spazzy-ness is cuuuuuuuuuuuuuured!

    i go write!

    *zooms away like good little spaz*

  3. Thanks so much! (by the way, I edited the post, Holo is spelled correctly now!)

  4. LOL, Mir! It's not bad! I liked it! :D