Sunday, December 23, 2012

As Stated Previously

This blog is way to underused, and there's really no point in keeping it around other than the fact that some of the posts have writing in them that are part of collabs, and I don't think it would be fair to those people if I deleted any of them. So this blog will stay in existence, even though I won't post on it anymore.
I've pretty much moved to deviantArt, that's the only place where I'm actually active now. xD If you want to keep up to date with me you'll find me there:

See ya!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

OKAY... Yeah.

Soo, I never post on this blog anymore. xD (mainly because my life isn't all that interesting.)

I'm debating over wether I should delete it, and possibly re-vamp it later, or just leave it. I do have some writing posts that are collab stories, so I thought I should ask before I delete them.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012 Everyone!~ (Oh man, how late is this?)

                                                    Hey Everybody! It's 2012!

                                                      Guess what that means?

                                                MORE SHERLOCK! 

                                       (Not till September though... D:)

                 I'm even more over the roof because today I found out the voice actor for Martin from Cabin   Pressure is in fact the man who plays Sherlock himself! So....


       I had loads of fun doing a dance show with the entire crew (despite the fact that the costume consisted of three layers of black cloth,) and got to eat some pocky at the end of it all.

                            Hope you guys had an even better New Years than I did!

(Ah yes, and Octa? I think the Mayans just ran out of paper, or just said "To the heck with it, it's too long!" So I promise you'll get your cake~ *cough*mustresistportalreference*cough*)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Zombie Apocalypse

Why am I writing? Thal demanded it, so therefore, I must.
*glares in general direction of Thalia* *grumbles*
                                                      -Begin Story-

 A wind howled through the town, empty and barren as a pile of bleached bones. Despite the fact that there was absolutely no living (or undead) being within miles, the wind seemed to give the entire town a voice of it’s own. Crying and moaning for it’s lost people, wishing to be a whole and loved town again. A cheesy retro-themed diner was just about the only thing that shone in what little light there was with the monochrome clouded sky’s. An old T.V., no doubt left on by the fleeing stream of panic stricken people, droned on. A static filled report could be heard faintly from it, almost nonexistent under the constant dramatic whining of the wind.

   “Government Officials have officially completed their pullout to safe houses and green zones, leaving us to fend for ourselves. More than 20 city’s have cola- ssSSss”

    The static took over, leaving the barren town blissfuly silent once again, so that it could shed its quiet tears in peace.

                    10 YEARS AFTER THE START OF THE EPIDEMIC (Or part one)

    A lone girl ran through the ally ways of an abandoned city, it’s concrete walls beginning to crumble with out proper care. The undead crashed clumsily on behind her, pieces of rotting flesh falling to the earth as they went. The once shining metropolis she knew so well had become a maze of grey never-ending walls, trapping her in with every hastened step she took. Black hood pulled over her head, she ran onward. Her jeans, ripped and patched back together in several places, where splashed with mud. Her small black boots didn’t seem to be doing much better. Puffing and panting, she jumped over upturned sidewalk panels and boulders. The small brown leather satchel she was carrying seemed to way her down as she dodged a fallen steel beam.The zombies chasing her, having no real muscles to tire them anymore, just kept coming. There where three of them, all disgusting and VERY hungry. One tall girl with long hair dyed a ugly shade of purple and one arm missing, one man whom was also tall with a green apron and no left leg, and a smaller boy about the girl’s age with a long black pony tail over his shoulder. All of them where the same horrible sickly green. Suddenly, the twists and turns of steel and concrete came to an end. Stumbling none to gracefully over a crevice in the pavement, the small girl careened into the wall. Seeing they had an improved chance at a fresh meal, the zombies began to close in, hissing and spitting. The girl wobbled up into a standing position, then, through her dark hood, one saw the faintest trace of a smile. As if by magic, she drew a long shining meat cleaver from within her cloak. The undead immediately flinched backwards and snarled. The girl pulled her hood back revealing frizzy brown hair, and murderous looking almond-shaped brick colored eyes. She had aviation goggles perched on her head, which she quickly pulled down over her face. Her small pointed nose was dotted with freckles, and her thick eye lashes and arched eyebrows added to the affect of her stare. If it wasn’t for the crooked grin on her face, on might have described her as a cute little girl. Licking the blade, her savage grin widened. Than, in no more than a whisper, the tiny girl spoke in a surprisingly deep voice for her size.

          “In all respects, I have just one word for the three of you.”

    She paused as the tall male with the apron zombie lunged at her...


    Screeching almost inhumanly, the girl thrust the oversized weapon into the Zombie’s stomach, halting it in its undead tracks. She ripped upward with all of her strength, slicing through his chest and tearing into his throat, cleaving him completely in half from the center up. Black tar like liquid spewed from the gaping wound, smelling of rotting fruit, infected blood. Through the thick dark haze of the blood fountain, the second male Zombie lunged. The girl held her cleaver, sharp side up, in front of her. Locking her muscles, she braced her self for impact. Not able to stop himself in time, the undead teen ran full speed ahead and smashed into the pointed end of the blade, splitting his face clean in two. Rolling her eyes she thought to herself, You’d think with all the brain eating these Zombies do, they would have some more brains for themselves!
    The final purple-haired Zombie decided to take lunch over life.With an almost bored look on her face, the girl flashed her cleaver like a streak of white lightning. Black foul smelling blood spurted from where the putrid purple head had been a nano second ago.   

        “Style tip of the day.” The small girl said, looking down at the decapitated head, whose eyes where lolling backwards so that only the whites where visible. “Chartreuse would have suited you much nicer with that skin tone of yours.” A pebble clacked down from the skyscrapers above, causing the girl to turn sharply, clear up raised.

        “You had WAY to much fun with that first kill Trissy.” Came a voice from the shadows.

          The girl’s muscles relaxed, and her weapon lowered, recognizing the voice of a fellow safe house member. Seemingly from out of nowhere, a tall and thin girl stepped from the shadows of a nearby wall. Her hair was a darker shade of brown than our current acquaintance, and much curlier too. She had a long face, with small sea blue eyes that where hidden mysteriously behind a curtain of thick eyelashes. She wore brown lace-up combat boots, and a black leather jacket with a white turtle neck underneath. Her tan cargo pants where covered in leg straps filled with a varying assortment of knives. A not so terrifying grin crossed the other girl’s face.

         “April Nightwalker!”

Has my horrid writing turned you into a Zombie yet? Well, if it hasn't, you are spared. I refuse to write further. No. Just no. NO MORE!

                                                         -End Transmission-

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh, MJN Air!

THE BEST British radio comedy EVAR. The world's craziest airline, and possibly the funniest thing I have ever heard.YOU MUST LISTEN TO ET! NAO!

*Drags Douglas out forcefully*

Douglas: You've introduced me, that's enough social interaction for one day.
Me: Do it or I'll eat you.
Douglas: Really? The only thing more terrifying than that is Arthur playing charades.
Me: Do it or I'll call Caroline and tell her you stole the plane again to drop another sugar brick on more poor children.
*Martin comes barreling in*
Martin: Why don't you introduce the captain first?
Douglas: Oh yes, SIR must go first because SIR is the CAPTAIN.
*Begin Staring contest between Douglas and Martin*
*Arthur pops up out of nowhere*
Arthur: Could I meet them t-
Douglas&Martin: SHUT UP ARTHUR!
Caroline: Get back here witless, you still need to make dinner.
Arthur: Oh yea! I forgot!
Caroline: *face palm* Honestly, you've forgotten about it three times now!
Arthur: *sees mental battle between Douglas and Martin* Hey guys, lighten up! How about some charades?
Everyone: NNOOO! *runs away*

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Basement Blues

Whoop-de-doo. Our hot water boiler exploded, now we have no hot water, and our basement has been converted into the next great lake. Plus, it smells funny... Hopefuly no poison gasses have been vented. I'm crossing my fingers that nothing else will go kablooey anytime soon in our basement.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy (VERY BELATED) Birthday to Kallista!

I'm sorry this took so long! As it turned out, I REAALLYY stink at drawing sky horses, so I ended up drawing just Kallista instead. I was fooling around with lot's of effects and stamps, so the frame and the letters aren't mine. Kallista somehow has stolen Skulduggery's hat... ANYWAY, I hope that your Birthday was filled with many hugs and chocolate cake Kal!