Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012 Everyone!~ (Oh man, how late is this?)

                                                    Hey Everybody! It's 2012!

                                                      Guess what that means?

                                                MORE SHERLOCK! 

                                       (Not till September though... D:)

                 I'm even more over the roof because today I found out the voice actor for Martin from Cabin   Pressure is in fact the man who plays Sherlock himself! So....


       I had loads of fun doing a dance show with the entire crew (despite the fact that the costume consisted of three layers of black cloth,) and got to eat some pocky at the end of it all.

                            Hope you guys had an even better New Years than I did!

(Ah yes, and Octa? I think the Mayans just ran out of paper, or just said "To the heck with it, it's too long!" So I promise you'll get your cake~ *cough*mustresistportalreference*cough*)


  1. What? OH!

    *falls back*

    Took me a moment to get the portal reference. Then, when I did, I fell back with the big intake of air I let out with the huge OH!

    *falls back again*

  2. Yes, is this case, the cake is not a lie~

  3. B-b-b-but the cake is a lie......

  4. ....The first new Sherlock episode is out NOW! Somewhere online...I can't remember where. But the first episode is out~

    Happy New Year!