Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh, MJN Air!

THE BEST British radio comedy EVAR. The world's craziest airline, and possibly the funniest thing I have ever heard.YOU MUST LISTEN TO ET! NAO!

*Drags Douglas out forcefully*

Douglas: You've introduced me, that's enough social interaction for one day.
Me: Do it or I'll eat you.
Douglas: Really? The only thing more terrifying than that is Arthur playing charades.
Me: Do it or I'll call Caroline and tell her you stole the plane again to drop another sugar brick on more poor children.
*Martin comes barreling in*
Martin: Why don't you introduce the captain first?
Douglas: Oh yes, SIR must go first because SIR is the CAPTAIN.
*Begin Staring contest between Douglas and Martin*
*Arthur pops up out of nowhere*
Arthur: Could I meet them t-
Douglas&Martin: SHUT UP ARTHUR!
Caroline: Get back here witless, you still need to make dinner.
Arthur: Oh yea! I forgot!
Caroline: *face palm* Honestly, you've forgotten about it three times now!
Arthur: *sees mental battle between Douglas and Martin* Hey guys, lighten up! How about some charades?
Everyone: NNOOO! *runs away*