Monday, April 25, 2011

Strange coversation.


Me: *walks to easter basket & takes out a chocolate bunny*
Me: *begins nibbling*
Mom: That poor bunny...
Me: Mom, it's an inanimate object, it can't feel pain.
Mom: Not true, I can hear it screaming.
Me: *savagely bites off bunny's head* Ha, there, I decapitated it. No little bunny shrieks of terror.
Mom: I can hear the coco beans screaming.
Me: Mother, the beans aren't alive and weren't in the first place. And if they even if they were alive, they would be dead now. They got ground into powder, and cooked, I think they would be fully deceased at this point.
Mom: They're still alive, I can hear them.
Me: I give up. *walks away still nibbling bunny*

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