Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dinner Conversation

Today's conversation at the dinner table ended up really strange... First it was about the wacky hats that the people at the Kentucky Derby wore. Than it somehow got into the fact that the dish we were eating at the moment was originally made with squirrel meat. After that put me off my dinner, mother explained now it as made with chicken. My parents than began to talk about how their grandparents had to hunt with rifles, and how back in the day, everyone had one. It turns out my grandmother used to hunt for fun, and after dinner we dug up a picture of her with a rifle and grinning madly, holding a dead deer up for the camera to see. Family history, it's so much fun to know your grandmother used to go out and kill for fun. After that conversation topic had died, we took a little trip back in time and talked about all those prehistoric people who were hunter gatherers. Which lead to the topic of wolves and how they ate people if they where hungry enough. Than the following happened:

Dad: You know what I saw today on the way back from my photo shoot?

Me: A wolf eating someone?

Dad: *Stares at me strangely* No, a bobcat!

Me: And this relates to the conversation how?

And that was the end of that.  The last thing that happened was mom and I ended up arguing over whether the orchids dad had bought looked like popcorn, or fluffy skirts.

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  1. Mm-hmmm.... Veeeery interesting, Mir! Interesting... indeed....