Sunday, May 29, 2011

About Kallista.

     Okay, I'll admit, I've never really met or talked to Kallista before. But from what I've been getting, It seems she's a really nice person. PLEASE don't go! We need all the nice people we can get in this world to level out the haters. If we don't have nice people around, we would all lapse into mental depression and the world would explode. SO PLEASE STAY! PLEASE! BLOG LAND SHALL DIE IF YOU GO! Also, it seems she's a good friend of my buds Thalia and Mar. I need someone to be there for them when I can't. I will start a petition. Anyone who wishes for Kallista to stay will sign below with their blog name, than Kallista can E-mail this page to her parents so that they may see the will of Blogland. LET THE SIGNING BEGIN!


  1. *Signs petition*

    Could you also post this link as a comment on birama?

  2. *signs Thalia Jane Circe on the petition*

  3. ~signs~
    Skyril Oblivion
    A.K.A Sky
    A.K.A Charity
    A.K.A that odd girl that has three A.K.A's