Saturday, May 21, 2011

I had cake for breakfast! 。◕‿◕。

I think I'm gonna die from lack of sleep... I went to a sleep over at a dance class friend's house for her B-day. (I shall call her Rebbeca)We had a bunch of fun starting a war against her brother and his friend. They threw pinecones at me, and I returned the insult by chasing after them laughing like a maniac, wielding a stick screaming, "RAWR! I'M DEATH ON THE WIND!" Our army won after we pelted them with grass and sticks, and got Rebbeca's dog Coco to chase after them. After eating 3 slices of pizza, and 2 slices of cake, everyone got really bored. We ended up creating a new dance which we dubbed, "The Party Reel." Even then it still wasn't dark enough outside for a little something we where going to do later. (you'll find this out eventually) We went inside to draw, and everyone started to drool over a manga style drawing I was working on for art club. Rebbeca's Mom went crazy over it. One of the younger girls stole my notebook so she could show all of the adults at the party, but not before I had chased after her screaming, "BAD LITTLE MUNCHKIN, BAD!" Running around in the yard like the good little crazy people we were for a few hours, It FINALLY got dark enough. Rebbeca's Mom dragged out one of those things that can project an image onto the wall, and we got to see Michal Flatly's Lord of The Dance in super-size on the garage. All the while we got to roast marsh mellows over a fire. I lit mine of aflame, and started tormenting Rebbeca's brother again. I think a little girl waving burning marsh mellows in your face would be terrifying to anyone. Unfortunately, one of my mellows (that's what I call 'em) fell off of my stick, so I had to roast another one. Then we started to watch a show we had put on in the past, (Something or other Ireland) and I got bored. I started to dig up old cardboard boxes, shred them, and throw them into the fire. Don't ask me why, I just really enjoy things like that. BURN BOXES BURN!! Ehem, back to the story. We where all really tired, and felt like we where going to collapse at any moment. So we decided to go to sleep. The small child kept kicking me, and rolling over me, so I ended up on the couch. While we where asleep, Coco caused some mischief. Rebbeca's house is armed with a security system which you can turn off and on at will. Whenever you open a window or door, an alarm goes off, and the police are alerted. At about 7:00 in the morning, Coco wanted to go out. I don't know how, but she somehow manged to open the door. We all woke up to "ALERT ALERT, LEAVE NOW!" I felt sorry for Rebbeca's Mom, she had to call the police to explain that her dog had opened a door by accident. Because everyone was to tired to really cook up anything, we had leftover B-day cake and doughnuts for breakfast. Want to know which one I had for breakfast? Hint, title, hint hint. Rebbeca's dad joked that he would text our dance teacher, and tell her that we where eating cake and other various confections. I gave him the look and pointed out that she might not yell at us, but at him for letting us eat the cake. That was the end of that. I nearly died at dance I was so tired. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to take an extensive nap.

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