Monday, March 21, 2011

My Crazy Teachers...

   Male teachers should come with a warning, or at least the ones I have should... Mr. Kapostasy and Mr. Potiker or nice, but they're still crazy. Just a few days ago in Mr. K's class this guy named Tyler sat on someone, that person than shoved him and said, "Dude, you're on my foot!" One of the people than laughed and said that would make a good song. Mr. K took it seriously, and dragged his guitar out. By the end of class, he had composed an entire song based on the words, "Dude you're on my foot."  Also, he finds the weirdest articles to do research off of. One of them was about a person in a Chewbacca suit attacking some tourists. The end result was looking Chewbacca up on Youtube to see what we could find. What we ended up finding is a strange techno song, and the only words in the entire song were, "CHEWBACCA! WHAT A WOOKIE!" Than there is Mr. P, he's the cheesy joke king. He's even worse than my Dad, which is really, REALLY, bad. Trust me, if you had to live with my father 24/7 you would know what I'm talking about, my mother once threatened to lock him in the closet it was so bad. He also give everyone nicknames. One person in my class is named Brandon Chatman. His initials are B.C., so   Mr. P calls him caveman. *Sighs* Why is life so strange sometimes?


  1. LOL That's hilarious and AWESOME! I don't know anyone that weird in person! :P

  2. Mir! change B.C.'s name!

    *looks around*



  3. ...huh. you actually spell Mr. K's whole name. huh...

  4. I look it up on Progress Book. XD