Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Cat The Strange One

    I was eating dinner when my cat walked into the dining room. Instead of instantly coming over to the table for his daily begging ritual, (I swear that cat's part dog) he veered to the left, towards my computer. I thought it was strange, considering there was chicken on the table. But then I saw what he was going for. I had a party horn left over from a new years party, and on the end of it, was shiny golden tinsel. Don't ask me why, he's just a magnet to that kind of thing. The even stranger thing is that he likes to eat it. Yes, my cat, the tinsel-o-vaur. I had to pull him away from it, or else when we woke up in the morning there would be sparkly cat barf everywhere. Yea, FUN. It was even worse during Easter when he ate an entire BASKET FULL of shiny easter grass. End result = YUCK. But that's not all, it was even stranger when he was a kitten. He was a shelter cat, and had come from a large litter, so he was used to stealing food to get enough to eat. (He's grown out of that habit though, thank God.) A few weeks after we got him came the "butter incident". I was three at the time. Mom was making some sort of pastry, and left an entire stick of butter on the counter. While no one was looking, he jumped up on the table, and dragged it into the basement. There was a bit of confusion when Mom came back, but she ended up just going to the store to get another one. About two to three hours later I went down into the basement. The sight that greeted me was a half eaten stick of butter and one very sick cat. He walked about two paces forward, and threw up all over the carpet. Since I was three this scared me quite a bit, and I ran up the stairs shrieking "KITTY BARF, KITTY BARF!" at the top of my squeaky three year old voice. I frightened my mother, but I guess anyone would be if their three year old daughter ran up the stairs screaming bloody murder, or in this case, kitty barf. I would tell you more, like the story about the potato, and my cat's strange habit of only wanting to expel his previous meals in the basement, but I am starting to get tired. Plus I need to finish my Pokemon White game. XD Did I mention my cat has a mustache? PICTURE ABOVE


  1. MR D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  2. Yep, Mr. D >w< (You wight want to scrape youy hand on a chair after a while of petting him, he sheds like crazy) He also has many nicknames. We usually call him Bub.