Friday, August 5, 2011

Dream Guardians part 15

WEE~ It’s done! I’m sorry this took so long to post, I had dance “camp.” It’s not really a camp mind you, it’s just a three hour long class everyday at 9:00 in the morning that is oh so conveniently held in Michigan, 5 god blessed hours away from where I live. So I had to stay up in a hotel with the dreaded dial up internet. By the time I was done with the week of camp, my feet felt ready to fall off. You may now stop listening to my rambling and begin to read, if you haven’t already.

    Erza felt a rush of air as she fell screaming from the top of the tower. Her brain was to busy watching the building growing farther away, and the ground getting closer, to notice another feeling shrouded by her fear. She wished with all of her heart that she could change into some magical armor that could some how stop her and her friends from falling. She wished she could fly back up to the roof, then she could give that Mei person a good blow, maybe lay her flat for a month or so. The fear in her heart changed into frustration, than into burning anger at herself. She was falling, her friends where falling. They where all going to die, and there wasn’t a thing she could do about it. Closing her eyes, Erza let forth a scream of rage as she plummeted downward. She hoped Mei heard it, she hoped her enemy had gotten the message. If she managed to get out of this alive, Mei was toast, Mei was going to pay with her soul.
    “You know, you could stop roaring like an uncivilized animal, and acknowledge my presence.” A small dainty voice said in the back of Erza’s mind. The feeling that had been shrouded by fear and anger suddenly came out at full blast, she knew that feeling, and she knew that voice. One of her chara’s had returned. Forcing her eyes open against the buffeting wind, she managed to speak one word to the small figure to the small, fancily dressed figure floating in front of her face.
    “D-dorothy?” The small chara tugged one of her braided pigtails irritably.
    “It’s not polite to stammer.” She stated huffily, “Of course it’s me, who else would it be?” Erza looked wildly about seeking the faces of her other three charas, but the familiar tiny pixies where nowhere to be found. All she saw was the billowing pikachu PJ’s of Holo as she fell through empty space, with a tiny figure floating just beside her. A ballon of hope blew up inside Erza’s chest, had they all gotten their chara’s back? Whipping around like a fish out of water, Erza spotted the very confused face of Shana as she fell downward, with a tiny doll-sized figure poking itself out from behind her shoulder. Before she could release a shout of joy, the prim voice of Dorothy poked at her mind again.
    “Are you ignoring me? That’s not very lady like you know.” Erza was dragged from her daze of happiness back into reality, the reality of falling. The reality in which if she did not do something right about now, she might end up as a human pancake. She turned her attention to the indignant chara floating above her head, and yelled above the wind.
    “There’s no time for lectures right now!” Erza shouted, “In case you didn’t notice, we are approaching the ground at high speeds!” Dorothy tugged on her braid again.
    “Yes I did happen to notice. May I ask you to kindly to start the transformation sequence?” Erza turned red, all she could think to herself was: Oh yeah, that would help wouldn’t it? She wished Dorothy didn’t have such a talent for making her feel stupid. Erza screamed out the words for her transformation, but they where ripped away on the wind as she fell, not heard by either of her friends.
    “MY HEART, UNLOCK!” Erza stopped falling instantly, and blinding light exploded from her forming a round ball shaped shell. Erza was inside that shell, the light enveloping her, sending a tingling feeling up her legs, into her chest, and out through her arms and head. The transformation had begun. She felt Dorothy enter her heart, shaping her body and brain to the required forms for her ability’s to activate. Ribbons of light shout from everywhere, wrapping themselves around her body. She felt the ribbons take shape, molding into clothing and weaving her hair into a long braid that ran down her back. The light fell away from her, revealing the clothing’s final form. Than, as if by magic, the entire shell of light exploded into a rain of sparkles, leaving Erza floating in the air. Words flowed out of her mouth as if they had a will of their own. “Character Transformation, Lady Ribbon!” Even now, as she floated high above the ground, she could see her friends breaking free of their own bubbles of light. There was a momentary silence, all was still, than Erza looked down... She turned red again. “Oh great.” She mumbled, “This girly outfit again.” Her new clothing consisted of a short frilly pink and white dress, with a blue bow garnished with crystals on it’s front. Her hair accessory was just as gaudy, it was a tiny crown made of gold and diamond, with small pink bows all over it’s base. Tiny white gloves with pink bows draped themselves elegantly on her hands. Her shoes where small, dainty, and a pretty wine color. They to where covered with tiny gems. Just up to her knees, pearl white socks with golden threads woven into them stuck to her legs. Her hair was done up in a long french braid, which swished pleasantly in the wind.
    “You could say thank you for saving me, instead of complaining.” Dorothy said from inside her head in an irritated tone. Erza could almost see her tiny chara tugging her braids again. Instead of replying to Dorothy, because she was sure she would say something wrong or improper, Erza flew off towards her friends. Mei wouldn’t stand a chance now. Erza WOULD get revenge for Shana, Mei had signed her death warrant.

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